Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last day.

Well it's here already. Last few hours in Vegas. Our plane is out of here at 18:45 so we have to be at the Airport by 4PM. Then a short two hour flight and we are back in Vancouver,  we will not make it back to Victoria until tomorrow morning due to the ferry schedule. We have had a lot of fun here, the weather has been great. Some of the prices here are crazy though, pretty much dollar for dollar.  Starbucks for instance is the same price, except in American Dollars. Most of the fast food places are the same or more than what you would pay there. You really have to shop around to get the best value for your money.
We went to Freemont Street last night, took in the prime rib dinner down there. It was a awesome dinner. We also caught the light show on Freemont too. Very cool and I hope the pictures turn out. I found a Micro Brewery down there, was really nice to have a home brew with some body.  I have been getting spoiled though drinking mostly Corona or Heinikens hey for $1.75 not too hard to do.
They really need to address the smoking thing down here, everything stinks of cigarettes. We are so used to not having to breathe that in or to smell it. Really gets on the nerves sometimes.  
One last thing price of pop or water is outrageous!  Cheaper  to drink beer, yes terrible  isn't it.   Kiosk is running out so better sign off.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello from the Strip!

OK Technically our Fourth day here in Las Vegas. Having a great time! Weather is down to about 1-2 degrees at night but over 16 during the day. Bright blue skies, something I have really missed at home with all the rain and grey clouds.  I have been taking pictures left and right and should have a lot of great snaps to share. We have been walking between 10 and 12 hours a day and my legs feel like they have been beat by a bat. It will be a good start to getting back into the routine and losing this excess weight off my gut. We went for the banquet in Circus Circus on Monday night, unbelievable spread. The quality of food was top notch, yes we all ate too much and soon all headed off to our individual rooms to sleep. I don't know how anyone would gain weight here though.  We went down the strip last night to the Luxlor and walked back checking all the casinos out. Speaking of, you are looking at a Big winner.  Ok only in nickels.. LOL  $27.20 in a nickel slot.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Hello thought since the opportunity presented itself. the quick and cheap Airport Kiosk  $1/10 Minutes ... very handy....
A quick update from YVR (Vancouver International Airport)
Awaiting the arrival of the family From Terrace. Should be here at 11:45.  Check in by 12:15... Depart at 14:15..... Awesome.
More to come...


Saturday, January 14, 2006

A short update - for a change

Woo Hoo!!   Less than 24 hours until we touch down in "Lost Wages"!   The City of Sin, The Adult Disneyland... Yes folks Elvi-ville, Official home of the flying Elvi!  maybe the only place that will have them?

Man it's been so long since I have had break, some time away. So looking forward to it.

Flying out tomorrow from YVR on a Philippine Airlines Airbus A340-300. No! it is a direct flight and does not go via Manila ;-). I have never been on an Airbus before so it should be a fun experience as well.
Picked up a new 1GB flashcard for the camera so going to take a hoard of Pictures, may be posting some of them from Vegas, but at the very least I hope to update the blog from a Kiosk.

Anyways gotta keep this short - no false advertising.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

One Wet January

Its hard to comprehend how much rain we have had over the past fours weeks, with very few breaks from it. Surviving on stolen glimpses of the sun and the occasional flash hinting that the bright blue hue still exists behind the continuous cloak of greys. I feel that creeping pull away from positiveness, being drug unwillingly towards the darkness. It is a proof to me how much we rely and require the brightness of the Sun. The so called Winter Depression, being enabled by the lack of this light, having to subsist on feedings of fluorescent and artificial light for long periods.  I have not felt it so much before outside of the Lower Mainland. Just a rare slump that will be over soon.

We are heading to Vegas, a week from today. Talk about a way to snap out of this greyness, eh? It really is amazing that we are getting to go, many components of this trip needed to be in place to make it possible and in such a short time frame as well. Awesome! Found some really great sites as well, from coupon less meal deals to a Gun Store that allows you to rent a variety of weapons to shoot on their range, everything from Glocks to Uzi's. We have been to Vegas before with the in laws, it was a lot of fun. We are looking forward to this get away as well as being able to spend some time with the folks we never got a chance to visit in Terrace last year. Woo Hoo.

We have arranged a buddy to look after the house and the Hounds, this of course was the biggest stumbler of the planning. Our hounds are spoiled and would not take well to kenneling, so we needed someone to stay at our place full time. With several of our other friends either being out of the country or having moved to the Mainland we were lucky that we had KE accept to do this. It's great knowing that you are leaving your home and all that important to you in someones hands that you can trust. Going to make it easier for us to enjoy ourselves without worrying.

We received our Boxing Day Special purchase on Friday. One Huge box, really glad we never had to pay for shipping, whew. We now have a JVC Surround sound system, it really is fantastic with very rich sounds. I have tested it out with a few different movies and the sound quality if fantastic. We went with this one as it had the Editors Recommendation from several Surround sound Review sites, and was the best rated for the "out of the Box Theatre systems". The set up was straightforward, but the one thing I may have to do is to rewire everything through it so that we can take advantage of the setup with all of our components. Going to be really nice when it is fully configured.

I also purchased an X-Box, (Classic one not the 360) from a local X-Box tweaking expert. Talk about addictive! Playing all these FPS's, got it for a fair price and think I am going to get a lot of use out of it. Its so much fun escaping into my shooter world on a large screen.