Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Vegas Pictures

Jeeze! Where does the time go? Forgive me for I have sinned, it has been 12 days since the last Blog update. ;-)

OK as promised the other two batches of pictures from our Vegas trip.

World of Concrete - Las Vegas

Harrah's Car Collection - Las Vegas

After using Flickr for the past months I dove in to the Pro account. I have been very very pleased with the online storage and editing capability of their site so I thought it was a good investment going forward. So I think I will most likely have the majority of the pictures hosted through them from now on.

I am very serious about the time thing though, I am not sure if I just need to better organize my time or if I have way too much on the go but as I try to get much done I am running out of time daily. I am getting things done, but seem to be adding more and more to the plate all the time. Ah well at least it is good stuff being added.

I am enjoying this book recommended by a good friend in Prince , the book is called "A Short History of Progress" By Ronald Wright and is part of the CBC Massey lectures 2004 series, a great overview can be found here. I love these kinds of thought-provoking books, ones that you have a tendency of reviewing again and again (either through your head or by picking up the actual book and re-reading chapters). I do now wonder about the other lecture series books, wondering if they will also attract me as strongly as this book did. It is just one of the books that forces you to re look at our past and present, and to clearly reassess the defining moments of our race as well as those that have continually brought each great "civilizations" both to power and eventually to destruction. It forces you to apply those same presets in action to the future by seeing the patterns in our past. I very very good read I would recommend to anyone who likes to think through a book.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Our Las Vegas Pictures

As promised here is the first batch of pictures we took while in Vegas last month.

Click here

I have seperated them into three different groups, General (this first load), World Of Concrete and Harrahs. I have tried to whittle them down a bit, do not want to appear to be like the guy who comes back from from vacation and force feeds his friends with a 4 hour slide show. ;-)

Hope you enjoy some of these, there were some interesting shots, but of course that is the way Vegas has been designed I beleive. The ones of Paris, are very deciving.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Heat wonderful heat!

Just a quick update here as we have company. We have spent the last little while completing one major project for our house and I wanted to share with you all. Especially with those of you who like to see what improvements we are working on. You know who you are!  ;-)

Pictures of the complete project here - BlazeKing

It is so very nice to get rid of the old fireplace. It was very inefficient, expensive in fuel and really looked it's age. The new wood stove is fantastic. We ran it for the first time last night and awoke to a very warm house. It ran all night on a partial load, and then I added a couple of logs this morning at 5. I am sitting in the room the furthest from the living room and can feel the heat even in here. The face and pad that Joe put in, with his two helpers (Me and Margaret) adds a very nice touch to our living room and will accentuate the tile we install very nicely. I really like the choice of Brick that we choose, called Newcastle used, it is so much nicer than the old brick that was in there.

Added note I spent quite a bit of time editing, separating and sorting the Las Vegas pictures out and will get them uploaded tonight with an additional post to the blog. Please stay tuned.

One other tidbit, I was sent this supposedly used to test reaction and thought process of pilots in the military. 18 Seconds is fantastic but they are expected to handle it for two full minutes, RedSquare. Good luck.