Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nick "Can I look yet?"

On a long hot drive the best way to cool off is a cold damp cloth over your eyes, I read that somewhere. ;-)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Red Spider

IMG_0005, originally uploaded by Logantech.

Found this guy under the deck as I was clearing the wood away. Still trying to ID him, Big bugger the size of my thumb, blood red legs and a very interesting pattern on his back

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two wheels Good...Four Wheels Bad

Three Bikes 04, originally uploaded by Logantech.

Last picture of the three machines, 1981 Yamaha XS-650, 1986 Yamaha FJ1200, 2003 Honda Rebel. I sold the 650 yesterday, it has been a great bike, I am sure the new owner will have a blast on it.

Friday, June 02, 2006

New Addition to the Family

The Wife bought herself a new (or nearly new) Motorcycle day before last, as she is in training for her Motorcycle License. She has had the restrictions removed from her learners and is good to go for gaining further road experience. She had my Older (1981) Yamaha XS-650 Special, but we both felt it may be safer and easier for her to learn on a newer, lighter and more dependable bike. We had quite the time trying to find one though, seems that many of the lighter cruiser style bikes ranging from 250-750 cc are in great demand now. The papers are full of Sport bikes and MX ones, but smaller and newer cruisers are sold very quickly.We got this one from Cedar, (just south of Nanaimo) from a lady who used it for the same purpose that "AC" is going to use it, just to gain experience for a year or so. I rode it back, but my planing side of my brain must have been absent. I should have brought the pick-up and we could have loaded it on board, or should have brought full gear. Well I didn't, just my helmet, glove and Joe Rocket Jacket, I was wearing jeans and light weight boots. Of course it rained very very heavy. I was drenched by Ladysmith, snickering at the amount of liquid in my boots. We pulled into Duncan for gas for the van, and I was just totally wet. At least it was semi-warm, looking for the positive in it comes from all that winter riding I have done. ;-) . The bike itself ran like a top reaching Highway cruising speeds without any issue at all.

More of the pictures of her 2003 Honda CMX250C Rebel on my Flickr Site of course.