Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sun is back, things are good

Pleased to announce our youngest dog pulled through a very tough time, (for her and us) believed to be caused by an unknown immune disorder. We spent a lot of time worrying over her, worrying over the very serious drugs that we needed to give her, but so happy that she was able to fight her way out. She is about 95%, and due to the prednosone has gained a substantial and unhealthy weight. We have swapped all three dogs food over to a low calorie diet boosted with Glucosamine, (great for our Oldest Andre with the joint issues he has). It's been rough on them being hungry all the time, then we are also limited on walk time, A is done to less than 20 minutes and but as he enjoys being around me so much I thought better to pop him in our Westy and drive him to the beach, which he loves. E due to both her weight and body recovering is also limited but we have her up to 30+ minutes,  then of course there is "Bighead" he walks but the heat gets to him...and then he just lays down and thats it... so the diet is the only way to go.

It was determined that our oldest A had a cancerous tumor, which thankfully turned out to be benign. Of he has some joint issues and is getting on, but at 5 am everyday when I get up he is right there beside me and still has his "puppy" moments. So all in all great news for the hounds and for us!

Our spare room came together nicely, just in time for a visit from our Friend from Prince, MoB was here for a week and it was fantastic (as always) to visit with her. Does not seem to matter what mood I am in she can always get me to laugh... a great gift to be able to get others to smile and laugh.  Anyways the visit went well and I will get some pictures up of both the visit and the toned down room.

Well The Soprano's is down to 2 episodes left, withdrawal symptoms have already started, you know reaching for your dvd copies of Good Fellas, the Godfather series, Casino etc..ah forget'bout it.  ;-) I have enjoyed all the characters including the ones you hate, the twists and turns, wondering who would get bumped in this episode. Wish Big Pussy had stuck around for a few seasons further than he did.  Not sure what the next TV show is for me, still have a few others that I have to sit down and catch up on, Battlestar Galactica brilliant but requires an investment almost as much of one as 24...House MD, Sleeper Cell, and of course my old favorite Law and Order... is there and hour of the day a rerun is not on? Still going to miss the 'Bing

Down to less than 3 boxes of tile left, no more tiling until we decide on the expansion. So now down to the next projects. We have bought a littler Nissan pu for doing these tasks. An older one but in really good shape. It will be nice to have access to a a vehicle that we can use for transporting of everything we need, really missed my truck. We planted two Plum trees, yeah got our own little orchid, no acreage but got the fruit trees.. so nice to see our plants and things come in after such a long and awful winter.

We replaced our smaller camera (Sureshot 110 ) with a new Canon PowerShot a560 , a long story on the why but it was a great upgrade. This new one's zoom in shots are much clearer than the old one. Speaking of camera's learning lot's about our Rebel XTi and about Photoshop CS2. I bought a new pack for the camera, a Lowe Slingshot 200, just an awesome carrier, you can have your camera in hand in seconds from your back. It has lots of adjustable pockets for all the lens and filters as well as holding then Gorillapod. It's good to go! I think I would like to take a trip up to Mt Washington or even Port Hardy for a "photoshoot".

OK a quick update...:-)