Thursday, July 24, 2008

Judas Priest - Testament Concert last night

It was one hell of a show last night, my first in SOF Memorial Centre (That's Save on Foods, not Soldier of Fortune) here in Victoria. The stadium at first glance is a bit small, compared to some of the places I have been, but then considering the local population the size is understandable, but there does not seem to be a bad seat in the place (remind me to tell you about the New Stadium in Warsaw. Poland!). The turn-out for Testament was pretty small, maybe about a quarter of those who showed up for Halford and Priest. Testament was raw and intense, only sad thing was they seemed to have an issue with Chuck Billy's Mic as a lot of his vocals were muted or distorted. Skolnick and Peterson's guitar's were blazing, and powerful, really got he crowd pulled into the rhythm. Think they only played for about 45 minutes but was great for getting everyone's blood racing for the main act.

Then the stage was set up for Judas Priest with two pillars and the drums on the centre 1/4 pillar. Halford Appeared on the Left hand upper pillar, geared out as Nostradamus himself, creeping green laser lights searched him out as they started the show off with Dawn of Creation/Prophecy from the new Album (if you have not heard it or bought it, ya gotta, Wicked Priest reminiscent of the 90's power hits). They played a couple of other songs off the new album, will not share the spoilers, but was great to see so many of the classics thrown in. Think it was about 23 songs total... He did not talk much to the crowd, not his style, but got everyone stoked. I awoke this morning still mumbling the words to some of my favorites. It was a great show, so glad I went. Many cool metal heads all there for the same reason, to enjoy some Kick @ss Metal, get all that frustration out of their systems, and gather the clan. Hope to see many other Metal acts come to town, heck of a lot easier than me heading to the mainland for them. Although I see Amon Amarth (some of the best Viking Metal around today) is coming to the Croatian Cultural Centre in East Van in October... hmmmm.....All I can say is I am hungry for the next one!!

The Bears are coming to Seattle to play the Seahawks in August. Being a big Bears fan (for a long time through tough times and sweet times) and never seeing a NFL game live, I am considering nipping down for the game. Well me and my Bears Jersey, hope they don't turn me back at the border. Was thinking of riding the KLR on the Ferry from Sidney to Washington State. Gotta check with a buddy on the Mainland see if he is into meeting me down there for a football weekend, ya know, Football, Beer, Food.. all good. Just be next best thing to being at Soldier's Field watching them, (some day :-) ).

Off the Rock (not off my rock) this weekend helping some family to move, and an opportunity to get together with some friends. Looks like a cool weekend not a hot one, should be ok for moving. Damn ferries going up again too, we get no break over here part of the the highway system we subsidize but pay over and over again for, I digress... sorry. It is great to be able to help out the family though, many times they are there for me and if I was somewhere else maybe not so easy to chip in. Always nice to give back to those who have given you so much too. Hey plus it is more time on two-wheels.. any time on the KLR is good, even the winter when its wet and cold... BAAAAAA TWO WHEELS GOOD - FOUR WHEELS BAAAAAAAD! Apologies to Mr Orwell.

Speaking of the KLR, been focusing a lot on some farkles including Wiring Improvements, Switched Fuse block, two Lighter Plugs, toggle switch for H-Vest plug, Thermobob, SS lines, 340MM Front Disk, GPS RAM Mount, etc.. plus have SS Skid Plate, Aggressive Foot Pegs, non-tamper Oil Plug on it's way. I think I should start building a separate page for the KLR, start celebrating it. ;-)

Coming up on nearly two months without Andre, still missing him and hoping he will be there then the reality sinks in. Much more retrospective though, as time goes on, just remembering little things in our time together, things I have not thought of for a long time, and looking at them with much more happiness than I could have imagined a few weeks ago. It was really a great 12+ years together, with so many positive memories. Going to get a Thomas Lipton (on the advice of my Mother In Law) rose and build a little memorial garden out front for myself, and spread some of his ashes there. Maybe some brick work as well since I still have some surplus from the Wood Stove install. Should be nice. Somewhere to hang out with his spirit.