Thursday, March 26, 2009

Master Bedroom outer shell almost done

Another Quick update:

It has been a busy two weeks, working 7 days a week, with Joe, Vince and Ian on the expansion. It's great to work alongside those who know how things are to be built. I am learning a lot from them. This physical work is a very rewarding though, great to see and make progress with our expansion. We put the trusses on yesterday, and are to begin the sheathing today. I called a few roofing companies for quotes' yesterday, I had hoped to do the roof myself but with the time available we may have to hire someone in instead.

Unfortunately I had a piece of 1/2 plywood come down and guillotine my upper part of the foot, bruised right through to the underside, so I was hobbling around the job site yesterday. Fells much better today, still limping but at least I can put weight on it.

We have our French Doors for the Master Bedroom, they are Low-E and we ordered the same glass for all the windows in the room (5 others - it's going to be a very light room). Now that it is almost shelled up you can really get a feel for how big it is. Ali and I are just starting to figure out the inside decorations, with a lot of help from Ian ,he has done many homes in England and has been a wealth of information and help while here. More about Ian on another post as it is pretty interesting why he is here in the first place.

Well here is the link to the new pictures, as well posting a couple of Joe and Vince working, yes I work too but not when holding the camera. ;-)


Friday, March 20, 2009

Block wall up, rebar and fill next

Both crawl spaces, under the Master Bedroom and under the Sunroom were completed, well the Block wall portion is. Rebar goes in this AM, three pylons, then inspection. We expect to pour the concrete for fill this afternoon. Then we can begin the floor joists, tomorrow? Coming along very quickly. My limbs are killing me, a lot of work for this office worker. Talk about out of shape, LOL .




Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day three - Footings in, gravel for crawlspace..

Pretty rough start today, Little Nick kept us up all night with expected reaction to the heart meds he is on which caused him to be very thirsty and naturally want to go out more often, (every 20 minutes). So of course neither of us got any sleep, this is night 3 for me, more zombie than human today. Might have been for the best as we had another 5.5 Tons of gravel arrive, how many shovels is that? This was after we removed the forms for the footings, they came out great. As we were moving the gravel, Vince and Joe were cutting out the access to the new crawlspace. All in all it went very well today, but I do need some sleep as we have more concrete, (skim coat) coming at 08:00 tomorrow... so here's some more video's, no still pictures this time, will try to get some tomorrow...



Day two....footings and lots more gravel

Today we (well mostly Joe and Vince) built up the rebar in the forms, formed up the back area both ready to be inspected and then poured. Due to family emergency I missed the inspection but both Joe and Vince looked after it. Our order of concrete arrived by 3PM for the footings we had two wheelbarrow's going to move the concrete. The front area was pretty straightforward, but the back was a mudbog. A real pain to get keep the wheelbarrow tracking correctly. Nonetheless it did get poured. Vince began Setting the vertical Rebar, Joe was finishing and curring rebar. The gopher, yup that was me, was sent for a resupply of rebar. End of day the footings were in place setting up.



On another note, our eldest Boston Terrier developed congestive Heart disease and needed to be rushed to the animal hospital Monday evening. He spent nearly 18 hours in an oxygen tent, while they fed him drugs to remove the liquid from his lungs, also others to try to reduce his enlarged heart. He came home last night, but is not quite right, also he needs to pee ever 30 minutes.. so naturally we slept very little again last night....The wife also had an issue with an irregular heartbeat, this has been ongoing for a few weeks. She was taken into emergency by her boss yesterday where they tried to get the excess beat range down within some normal numbers...when she went in her BPM were above 160.


Monday, March 16, 2009

First Day of Building

The first day of building has arrived, and what a mixed bag of weather we had, everything from light rain, heavy rain, Sunshine, snow and winds. Just count ourselves lucky that it was not heavy rain all day. We got the gravel in the front area, forms for the footings in almost ready for inspection and then pouring tomorrow. Back area will also be ready to go to, just a matter of getting it bombed into tomorrow AM for the inspection in the afternoon.  We also had to get another 5.5 tons of gravel in today, spent most of the afternoon moving that around, wonderful to be a grunt.  LOL Really though I am very tired for all the work got a little soft sitting around the office I suppose. I did survive the day going to be a bit stiff in the AM tomorrow but also having a lot of fun helping get all of this done. nice to see the progress we have made in one day.

Some Videos:

Some Pictures:

Well dinner time... more tomorrow


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Project begins

Well it begins, and yes it is exciting to start. We have had the Excavator guys in from Atlas Excavating to prep the site before we get the building under way. Sinjur Masonry will be on their way down this Friday and expected to arrive on Sunday. Next Monday we start on the expansion of the House, it's going to be a blast. For those not in the know, it's a little project.  Build an expanded room (16 x 16) at the front of the house, this will become the Master Bedroom. Build a room at the back of the house (8 x 18) that will become the Sunroom, and will have many windows. Our existing Master Bedroom once moved will become the new Computer room, (yes going to build a small Server room - - Geek), with two built-in desks etc..... Once the computers are moved into their new area, then the old computer room will become the new Bathroom, larger, corner tub Glass Block shower Poor-man's ensuite from the new master bedroom and accessable from the existing hall. Current Bathroom, will be gutted back wall knocked out and through to the new Master Bedroom, turning it into a walkthru closet...then....  OK OK you get the idea... going to try to keep this updated daily as well as my flickr site with the days events around the Site.

Bob the Builder....;-)