Saturday, April 04, 2009

Slight bump in our house expansion

Recent Pics from the House Expansion

Our headway on the expansion of the house went a little sideways over the past few days. On Wednesday while at the beach walking the dogs, our youngest Boston Terrier, Emma, (the one with both Cushings and the immune disorder) collapsed and needed to be carried back to the Van. We had hoped that with her and Odin playing so much that she had just overdone it. Yesterday, we took all three to the local Dog Park, so as not to overtax her. Alison noticed Emma's gums were very pale (a sign that her red blood cell count was again crashing) so called our vet for an emergency visit. As we were right around the corner we had hoped to get in soon. We got ready to head off, I thought one more kick of the soccer ball for Odin. Kicked it up in the air, he ran to intercept it and as it was coming down he jumped for it but came down bad on his right rear leg! Other folks at the Park came to offer assistance, very nice of them all. We got a blanket from the van and carried Odin back to it and rushed him to the vet.

Gotta say we have a fantastic Vet Clinic, Glenview Animal Hospital who as always stepped up to help. Turned out that Odin broke his femur bone, but thankfully a clean break that could be repaired with pins and wire. The prognosis is excellent as he is a young dog. Unfortunately it means somehow keeping him calm and restricting his movement, ha ha yeah right for 6-8 weeks!!

Odin back home recovering