Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great White North, eh?

Hope everyone else’s Christmas went as well as ours. Back home in the cold and snow, and for me this really makes the Season the way it should be. Guess a big part of it is where you grow up with it. I often think how strange it would be to celebrate Christmas/New Year’s in someplace hot like Australia or Hawaii. Yes its what their used to, but I think it would be bizarre to be singing “Six White Boomers’ and buying into it. Each their own, but prefer the White Christmas themed songs… Smile




Odin, is absolutely in his element, all this freedom, and open space for him to explore, he loves this place, not sure how much he will enjoy going back to the City. We were out with the Brother-in-law, his Wife, daughters, and their 2 dogs. Walking the logging roads, just incredible scenery. Reminds me how much I miss all of this. Solitude, wilderness, silence, and vast space that is not overrun with people. Maybe its more than Odin who is in his element? 


Airport walk

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

So hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, followed quickly by the beginning of the New Year! I really like this time of year, yeah the cliché's abound, stores are crazy busy, but even I notice how much more pleasant and compassionate folks are to one another this time of year. Little things from a smile and nod of the head while holding the door, letting another driver out into the line, and not being afraid to wish each other the best of the season. Then there are the people who pull out all the stops by lifting everyone's spirits by going balls to the wall with Christmas Decorations, folks who volunteer to help those much less fortunate (and there are many more of those people who are in need this year), many who contribute and assist the feathered and furry creatures who sometimes get overlooked during the season. I think if it was not for these types of people who seemingly appear out of no where much like Mr. Claus, well I would be able to say the the world has gone to the preverbal in a hand basket. As greed seems to abound, and I still feel that unfortunately it is more and more people who are travelling this route, there are still those advanced souls who keep the spirit of the season in their hearts and try to show us all what its all about. I am very thankful to have quite a few of these people around me in my life 365 days a year. So there is no reason I cannot learn by their deeds and thoughts. I know I have a long way to grow spiritually, (and that word does not have to just be religious but encompasses so much more.), socially, perhaps that is why I am presented with the lessons around me that I am? Can only hope to grow and help to look after life around me no matter the form that it takes.

I attended the Boomer's Legacy Gala a little while ago, and was really looking forward to seeing the pictures the Professional Photographer took of Mel Cooper, General Hillier and myself… so here they are, at least the ones I downloaded… very cool.  An event I will remember for sometime to come, not every day you meet so many movers and shakers in Canadian politics, Military and Media. Was a really special night for me. Thanks Mel!!

More to come before the big day… stay tuned… Merry Christmas!!! 


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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Knock Knock! Who's there? Old Man Winter

While it was predicted, it was still great to wake up to a bit of the white stuff this morning. Looking at weather reports we have much more (hopefully) coming. It's such a great change, brightens everything up and makes it feel like winter, as it should. Victoria is not really known for the full onslaught of a four season Year. Our winters are usually very mild, and sometimes wet, but with the occasional days or more of weather that resembles a Fall day or an early Spring one. Odin as expected luvs the snow, as I think most dogs do. He spent much of his time out chasing, who knows what, putting his nose into the snow and lifting the snow back towards the skies… Just having the morning coffee before I take the hounds for their walk. I think Odin is pretty keyed up to go and do some more running in it.


Guess I better get the winter tires on the Truck tomorrow as well, heck that was what they were bought for.  As I get older I find I really miss living in an area with all four seasons (not sure if this is a "Grass is always greener" feeling or a "Looking at the past through Pink Shades"), I grew up in Edmonton,. Alberta. Where you could always be guaranteed winter, sometimes it was the other season that suffered. There was always a great feel to the winter season, it was not a "beating my chest" I am tough feeling, but rather an enjoyment of experiencing that side of Mother Nature. Wonder where the best and most consistent place in Canada is for having all four seasons? Some said places like Penticton and Kelowna. What's your thoughts? Prince George? It's a really nice place too.


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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

Typical, I usually cheer for the underdog, it was one of the reasons I really liked the twisted tale based on the above, in the movie `V for Vendetta`. I guess in some circles (religious and Political) though this time of year has such a bonding or rallying effect. Does it still do so for the families who celebrate "bonfire night" or has it instead become yet another commercial marking of the passing days? I do think today that most folks, regular hard-working types, would also be behind Guy F, at least in the wish to start the government again from scratch, trying to eliminate corruption and turning it back (if it ever was) to a position of service to the people.

Cranked up the wood stove Saturday night, held off for as long as we could but it was starting to get a little damp in the Mornings, not really cold enough to hit it full on, and balancing the heat with the open window or door. Still nice to get up in the AM to a little bit of heat, so much nicer to have a coffee while sitting in the warmth. Gotta keep moving though, so easy to succomb to the heat, and sneak in a few naps.  :-)

Just prepping the office for paint and flooring. Gettting a good coat of Kilz-2 on, then will follow up with a good quality primer. As for the floor I think I am going to install some wood-look vinyl product, it comes in strips, and ends up looking very much like real wood flooring, but a bit more heavy-duty (10 Year Commercial warranty), this is one of the Manufacturers sites. I have also decided to scale back on the desk design, I wanted to do concrete topped desks, but nothing is going to cure very quickly at this time of year, plus maybe a simpler design like this, might really complement the room. I forgot how small the room is (11 x 12) so space is a premium, need two desks, 1 area for printers/scanner, bookshelfs, then later over-desk cupboards or shelves. The wiring is behind the wall ready to be pulled and mounted to the desks. Then will put arborite over the desks to give them a nicer finish that is durable.

I have a big event to attend this Saturday , Boomer's Legacy - 4th Annual Fundraising event being held at Royal Roads University. I have been invited by one of the organizer's, and will be sitting at General Hillier's Table.  Yeah I am stoked! Picking up a new suit tomorrow, I have it on good authority that I clean up pretty good.

Whiskyfest tickets go on sale tomorrow, going to have to do everything I can to get tickets for the event in January. Going to be a blast.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

While driving from Laughlin to Las Vegas for our flight home, we were pursued by a pretty serious Lightening and Thunderstorm. This picture I took from the bus, just outside Vegas, of a distant mountain being engulfed by the dark fast moving clouds.. suitably moody I thought. Nothing like storms in the desert, you can have a massive downpour of rain that causes flash floods on the road, then two hours later, everything is very dry again and you would not be able to tell that it had rained at all.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Well that time of year again. As a motorcyclist it's a weird time, the time when you are about leave for work, in the near dark, just before the dawn - already miss the bright morning greeting from my friend Sol - you have to check the weatherundergound site, then calculate the odds hmm 30% chance of rain, 70% chance of no rain then factor in 10 to 16 Celsius then add the 50- 60 K/hr self-created wind chill. Once the computer spits out the result then head to the closet to pick the riding gear for the day, hopefully picking right. This past summer as most of my riding was commuting to and from work, I wore my Motorhead hoody, skull gloves and runners, yeah I know not advised but it was hot and dry. This time of year having to go back to full gear, I am always very resistant to swapping over, much like giving up the shorts and sandals and revert back to jeans, boots and jackets. The non-summer gear  includes a 3 season all weather riding jacket, waterproof/windproof pants (later in the year the addition of Joe Rocket insulated/padded pants when winter really kicks in), Insulated leather gauntlets, and full height tactical boots. Later in the year the addition of 3 stage snowmobile gloves and heated vest gets me through the dead of winter ) and makes me feel more like a spaceman than motorcyclist. Well no fighting it, just have to knuckle under and look forward to the positive changes of the season. Supposed to be a long cold one, so hoping for a real winter..

The King lives, Baby!!! Come get some!
OK hope this is really it and its going to happen this time, it's been 12 years in development and in that time it has become the Poster boy (Poster Software just doesn't seem right) for all that is Vapourware. Duke Nukem - Forever, (like the time I have been waiting for it's release) is due to release in 2011 from Take-Two entertainment. Story from RegHardware here and News release from Take Two here.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Darker and Darker

Well looks as though the summer is waning, Our walks in the Morning have returned to plodding through the darkness, time to get the Headlamp out again. Sunrise has slipped back to past 6:00, and later and later. It is one of the true "in your face" counting of the passing of time. Guess it is due to the time I get up and when we walk. It's back to that time where I can not let Odin off the leash, as he can see more than I. With the Rabbits and Deer out in force, and my buddies inclination to see them as chase able targets it's just not worth the risk. Still a brilliant walk and the best way to start the day.

We just had a big Party for my Wife, it was her (censored) birthday! Pretty sure I will be in the Doghouse if I say how young she is.. I think she was absolutely thrilled with the turnout, all of her friends that were able to be here no matter how far away they were showed up. Her Family came down from up North, Her Aunt and Uncle came from England. It was fantastic! I know she knows how important she is to everyone and how much she is loved. Our Friends up the road let us hold it at their house, where they have a beautiful yard. We got a keg of Phillips Blue Buck, had two BBQ's cranking out the Burgers, along with all kinds of salads, baked Salmon, Ham and home made Baked goods and chocolate covered strawberries (I missed out on them Grrr!). Even Old Mother Nature participated and gave us a brilliant day to celebrate in. Pictures Here.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

King Odin

King Odin
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We have just come through the extended heat wave, most days over 30 some even reaching 35. Sorry I do not do heat very well. Low to mid 20's is my comfort zone, or drop me into minus whatever. Anyways out playing with the camera,and caught this very regal shot of Odin, not sure what he was looking at, but by the look on his face whatever it was belongs to him. :-)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Red Sun

Woke up to an amazing sunrise yesterday. Due to the smoke from all the fires on the Mainland, Old Friend Sol was glowing red. They have had Air Quaility warnings for us, but nothing severe like Vancouver. Or worse yet Moscow! Poor Buggers, being told to stay inside, no Air Conditioning, so you suffacate or go outside and breathe in the smoke and chemicals.. heck of a choice.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last few Bits

Just giving the Tile/Grout a final wipedown this AM then 48 hours later I can seal it off. The Choice of Colours the Wife has picked really goes well with the Teracota Coloured Tile. The Grout is a bit different than the grout we used in the rest of the house, but I think it actually adds a depth which brings the Terracota shades forward more. I have to measure up for Window Ledges/sills, Molding and Blinds. My Mother-in-Law suggested tiling the Ledges, I think doing this on the largest window will look great and will tie it off to the floor nicely. Will have to check at Pacific Flooring for Tile and Bull-nosing to see whats out there. The other wood for the ledges is going to be stained (as is the molding) to match our New Bedroom Suite. It will be very different when we move into the room, compared to the room we are in now, especially with the reno hell we have been in. Our Master Bedroom right now is part bedroom part reno storage... fun  NOT! ;-)

My new Truck has been treating me right. Getting the front wheel bearings done this week, my mechanic gave it a once over and full mainteniance fluid/filter change this past week. Truck passed, only the wheel bearings need immediate attention. Such good news, I was worried as I got the truck at a very good price, I gave it a once over when I took it out for a test drive, and the guy I bought it from seemed honest enough, but you always worry. Turns out worry for nothing. She's not brand new, a 2003 F350 4x4, a few dings and things, but with a little attention and looking after the general maintenance the truck should do me for some time. Great to have a fullsize truck again, even better having a diesel. First ever for me, so a bit different than the gas engines. Luv the sound and the fact that for transporting or pulling there are very few limitations. Can't wait to do a road trip to Northern BC, then bomb up the Logging roads in the truck.

The Wife is over in the Mainland this weekend, her nephews are down from Hazelton as part of the Northern Selects Hockey Team playing a friendly tournament at Planet Ice in Coquitlam. Guess one of her Nephews was selected MVP, and the team has gone on to the finals, playing today. Can't wait to see the pictures and movies of them playing. I hear they are very very good. Be cool if they eventually get to the NHL level!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FT Reno - Day Four

We're just bustling along with the reno's. Just amazes me how much you can get done when focusing exclusvely on the work. We had our inspection for insulation and Vapour Barrier yesterday. Passed with flying colours, actually the inspector comented that I went a little above and beyond. Guess if you insulate the floor there is no need to use the styro insulation board on the crawlspace walls.. oh well better to over do that than to under-do it and get a fail. Trying to track down a decent drywaller to get the room ready for paint and tile. Almost there - to the point of moving into it. It's going to be a really nice bedroom, so much bigger and brighter.

I installed the Air Conditioner in the sunroom yesterday, just getting it in nice and tight, started to prep the wiring in that room. Then I can insulate and throw on the vapour barrier. I almost finished the barge-board too. Just have one side of the house to do and then it is also out of the way. I have to put in the junction boxes (in the crawl space) for the new wiring to the Sunroom, New Computer Room, New Bathroom, and heating for the living room.

Alison, Margaret and Dianne have been working on the painting of the exterior (Hardie-Plank and Stucco). It's a lot of work with the old Stucco, pretty thristy walls. They have done a fantastic job though. The colour Alison chose is very nice, relaly adds a rich depth to the House.

Today is a bit of a goof-off day, as we worked right through the weekend. I am on the hunt for a truck (Dodge or Ford Diesel, prefer 1 Ton, extended cab, etc..) so there are a few in Nanaimo that I want to look at. With both Margaret and Dianne from out of town, it might be nice to get a one days break from everything anyways...

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Few Days working FT on the House

We got a huge break in the weather to begin my time off for working on the house. My Mother-in-Law came down from Terrace to help out, My Sister-in-Law came over for the weekend From New Westminster to chip in, and my buddy from Edmonton is arriving tomorrow to help out too. Even though it has only been a couple of days we have got a lot done. Check some of the pictures out here.

It really moves forward so much quicker when you can spend the entire day on it.  I would have finished the Hardie-Plank on the Sunroom this evening but ran out of Big Stretch. I think I have two more short planks to install, then the AC can be put in and sealed up. The ladies have been working on Painting, ( Hardie-Plank and trim on the front of the house and MB Expansion), prepping the stucco walls for Paint (I am going to have to mix up some cement to do some patching).

I prepped the MB extension for the inspection Monday, if all goes well then we can get the drywall in...paint, tile.. and get moved in.

Thought I had more to say, but I am bagged... another big day tomorrow....  Oh first full day of Spring tomorrow (It arrived here today at 10:31 AM)

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Builder Bob is Back in the House!

Only a few days until I am taking time off work for my other job. I become Reno-Man (Cape is optional)! So I can go gangbusters on getting things moving forward with the Home Reno. Going to be a blast. My Mother-in-law is coming down (arrives today) to help my Wife paint the outside and fences, a very good friend is coming from Edmonton to work with me on the building side of things. I have a lot planned, and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate too. When I took all the time off last year it was really rewarding as to how much we got done and how fast everything went. Since then it has hit a lull after Christmas, so I think this focus on things will re energize and motivate me to get going, plus getting together with family is always good for the soul. 

While I am doing this will be able to update the blogs, FB and Flickr with pictures of the events. We start tonight with St Patrick's and some Guinness of course, like a christening of a maiden voyage  ;-) . Then some pre-planning of how to proceed and organize who is doing what, I need to book the inspection for the Vapour barrier and Insulation. I was going to hire out the Drywall but may take it on ourselves due to time constraints (unless I can get someone in on a moments notice). Damn I am excited - some say not much of a holiday but considering how much we will benefit from this for years to come it is a great investment of time and coin.

I have been working a lot with Odin, and using ideas from Cesar" The Dog Whisperer" Millan's TV Show, not that Odin is trouble so much as he is just a dog that wants to be boss and I want to rein him in before he starts to believe he is in charge. It's really different for me, having a dog that has Rottweiler in him, I suppose the same with many other more assertive breeds. You have to handle them so much differently. Watching the show I can see where the wheels begin to fall off if your not careful.  I am surprised how well Cesar's hints and tips work, and how much behavior troubles are caused by us humans instead of the hounds. They had a Marathon of his shows dedicated to his dog "Daddy" who passed away in February, a beautiful Pitbull who helped re socialize other aggressor breeds. 

This past week, Gérémi Adam (FBI claimed he was Canada's biggest Movie Pirate - supposedly) was sentenced to 2 1/2 months plus Community service etc. What a crock, now I am not saying downloading movies is right or wrong, what I am saying is the Government is starting to put Commercial and Corporate interests (and lobbying groups) above the civil rights of the individual. Even bowing to foreign pressure to strip these rights from Canadians. All the while proceeding with further negotiations for ACTA (Talk about a envisioning a communistic police state - this act or at least what little has slipped out to the general public would completely restrict all of us, including artists, and would assume each of us to be a criminal without rights before any proof needs to be presented by the police or Border Services). Michael Geist has much about this on his website here.  Some further comments here. I think some radical protests are going to be necessary to stop this from going through or at least from stopping Canada's participation in it. 

Keep your eyes open and don't let it slip through.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snap! Your life can change that fast..

Yup you hear about it all the time, and sometimes you get little reminders from time to time about how fragile life is, sometimes you get big ones. How we all have to live the moment to it's fullest, to be thankful for everything and everyone in your life. How no guarantees come with this life, no expectations for any amount of time you have or think you have. Putting off for tomorrow that may never come. Jeeze!!!

Two friends from work, whom I have known for the past nearly 7 years, took advantage of a beautiful day on Saturday, (it felt more like Spring than February), geared up for a ride on their motorcycle. I can imagine how exciting it would have been to look forward to a trip north from Victoria, so many other wintered bikes out of their cocoons, Motorcycle Gear that had been hanging in the closet throughout the winter brought out for an early ride of the year. I really don't have to imagine too much, when the weather turns like this I feel the anticipation of a more pleasant ride than my usual winter rides.

Unfortunately fate, destiny or whatever you call it was rushing at them from the other direction. a mid 20 year old steals a car out of North Vancouver, boards the ferry to Nanaimo it has not been released what he was doing or what kind of record he has but one assumes this is not his first trip down this path, travelling down towards Victoria on the Malahat, decides to take an illegal left turn into a rest stop in doing so my friends future is sealed, travelling at the speed limit or even below it when someone pulls this crap, well it always ends bad for the motorcyclist. Not usually for the Car driver.

Sure enough it was bad, no it was worse than bad...... She had just retired in September, her daughter had just married, she was just starting her life our now that work was over.. He still worked with us here I spoke to him regularly as he was in this building many times for meetings or for work on his laptop. they both were very positive and full of energy and life. Yes I said "were". Sad to think that that's it, finished , kaput, families and friends left in chaos and grief because of the selfish act of one little ***** who, I would not be surprised, probably feels no remorse (other than being sorry for being caught - he left the scene.. left them there to die. Little coward!) I am sure he and his defense lawyer will be working out something to absolve him of any responsibility. To ensure he gets a slap on the wrist instead of the life sentence he should be getting to think things over.

That's it it's over... We are all shell-shocked here at work. At home. I Can only imagine what the immediate families must be going through. Our Thoughts and Prayers to them of course...

Snap! that fast ...

UPDATE: Full Story on Victoria Times Columnist Newspaper Site.


Monday, February 08, 2010

February Hawk

It’s great that we can almost see the end to the winter, this one was very wet and very grey. I will be glad when it is behind us. Come on Spring! Came home from work last week to a surprise in the driveway. Drove in with the Westy, I was very surprised that he did not fly away. I took some pictures, and apologize for the poor quality my little point and shoot produced (although in all fairness it was from the inside of the Van with the front window creating a lot of glare.). This is a Cooper’s Hawk, a good size for the species, unfortunately he was there hunting the little birds attracted by our feeders. We saw another hawk last fall but thankfully they do not come hunting in our yard very often. Very cool to see him though, later when I was in the house I saw him drop over the fence hit the ground and he was away. As he never came back I presume he got what he came for.

Took some time off from the Reno’s over the Christmas and New Year’s, but we have started back into it again. Just finished getting a new Front Fence up, spent the past weekend moving a large pile of soil from the driveway to build a ramp from the new gate down into the front yard. We pruned the Fruit trees, cleaned up the garden (front and back) and loaded it into the truck to take it all to the Green space at Hartland. Alison is taking another load today, nice to have the driveway cleaned up again. Looks like this week in the evenings I will be pulling more wire, getting the space under the breaker panel insulated then vapor-barrier it off. I have to glue the styro-insulation in the crawlspace then arrange the Inspection. After that Drywall, Paint, Tile, then finally install the switches, outlets and Pot-lights. Get the final electrical inspection, then we can move into the room!

My Mother-in-law is coming down late March to help Paint the outside including the Hardie-Plank, as well as stain the fence. I am going to book a couple of weeks to focus on the next portion of the reno and get some headway in moving forward.

Emma, our 11 year old Boston Terrier has been doing very well after a bit of a scare where she stopped eating and lost nearly 1/3 of her body weight. This is year four of her fighting the immune disorder, and she seems to have made it through this years highest threat time fairly well. She is continuing to fight the Cushing's Disease as well and have seen no serious issues with this.

Odin, (Rottweiler – Lab – Sheppard X) who will be 2 this July has been doing fantastic. He typically gets 2 solid walks a day, and many visits to the local dog park. While at the Colwood Creek park, he is off leash and loves running everywhere and greeting everyone. He responds well to commands, I am very impressed how good he is. It was funny when he was a pup you could not get him to walk through puddles, now you can not keep him out of the ponds, lakes and creeks… great to see him have so much fun. It’s what having a dog is all about I think.

Well better get back to it, more soon.