Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Well that time of year again. As a motorcyclist it's a weird time, the time when you are about leave for work, in the near dark, just before the dawn - already miss the bright morning greeting from my friend Sol - you have to check the weatherundergound site, then calculate the odds hmm 30% chance of rain, 70% chance of no rain then factor in 10 to 16 Celsius then add the 50- 60 K/hr self-created wind chill. Once the computer spits out the result then head to the closet to pick the riding gear for the day, hopefully picking right. This past summer as most of my riding was commuting to and from work, I wore my Motorhead hoody, skull gloves and runners, yeah I know not advised but it was hot and dry. This time of year having to go back to full gear, I am always very resistant to swapping over, much like giving up the shorts and sandals and revert back to jeans, boots and jackets. The non-summer gear  includes a 3 season all weather riding jacket, waterproof/windproof pants (later in the year the addition of Joe Rocket insulated/padded pants when winter really kicks in), Insulated leather gauntlets, and full height tactical boots. Later in the year the addition of 3 stage snowmobile gloves and heated vest gets me through the dead of winter ) and makes me feel more like a spaceman than motorcyclist. Well no fighting it, just have to knuckle under and look forward to the positive changes of the season. Supposed to be a long cold one, so hoping for a real winter..

The King lives, Baby!!! Come get some!
OK hope this is really it and its going to happen this time, it's been 12 years in development and in that time it has become the Poster boy (Poster Software just doesn't seem right) for all that is Vapourware. Duke Nukem - Forever, (like the time I have been waiting for it's release) is due to release in 2011 from Take-Two entertainment. Story from RegHardware here and News release from Take Two here.