Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Leaving Home for Home


We are just on our last day here in the North, it’s been a fantastic time. We’ve had lots of laughs and enjoyment celebrating Christmas and New Years with the family. Visiting friends we have not seen in quite a while, seeing places and changes in our little town.  We were given the weather I had hoped for, (cold wintery stuff) until today when it has changed and is now on a warming trend until the end of the week. We leave tomorrow heading to Prince George to visit with some friends for a couple of days, and I am hoping the highways improve before then, lots of snow from Kitwanga right thru till Prince George. At least the road crews will have a full day to work on it until then.

This is the part of the Province I would like to live in again, this or further North. Just so easy to get the dog in the truck and head off out to the middle of nowhere and walk, explore, take all Mother Nature has to offer in. Keeping your eyes and ears open for the creatures in the forest, that I am sure are watching me. Checking for tracks in the snow, figuring out what’s around. It’s pretty deep stuff to start thinking about how they survive out there, and how few of us would be able to anymore. There are those folks who make it work out there, the ones who live there fulltime or the people like Les Stroud who strive to learn from those who can live in the wild. It would be great to live back up here and be able to test yourself frequently and hone those skills, hard to do so from Victoria, just no real getting away from everyone and everything.

Be quite something to be some of the first settlers or trappers up this way, so much of it is still wild one can only imagine how wild it was 150 years ago. It could have not been easy in any way to make it work, and I am sure many folks never made it, or turned tail and headed back south as soon as they could.

I have a ton of pictures to process when I get home so will update the flickr and photosites when I can, pictures of wilderness walks, visitors from the wild, celebrations with friends and family, watching our nephews play hockey (will be pro’s some day I am sure) in Hazelton, and even some of the road trip… stay tuned…