Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 a different year

Ok honestly forgot about this Blog, ended up working on some others. So lets see the last entry was back in May of 2011, two and a half years back. Since then there has been a lot of change as you would expect. I mean life would be dull without it. No longer working with Telus, T.G! That place was killing me inside, took a lot of months to get well. Now working for the Municipal Government of Esquimalt. Big difference here, very positive people, warm environment, a place where they want you to become the best you can and help you to achieve it. I have been here for 1 Year on the 21st of this month. Wow.
House Reno's continue but almost there, have to get the final inspection by March 2014. Be nice to have it done and be able to take a break from it for a while. Kind of burnt out about reno'ing. The kitchen will need done but perhaps we can hold off for a while and pay our bills down first.
June of this year I started to focus on reducing my portion size, then in July/August I started working weights and the treadmill. I am down about 30 pounds, almost lost that gut of mine, saw a picture the other day, and it really surprised me how fat I had gotten. Still a ways to go, but heading in the right direction. I would like to work towards a hike in camping trip for next year. One of my goals.
The past 7 weeks I have been eating Vegan (only exception is cream in the morning coffee and little yogurt in my morning protein shake.). I have been enjoying trying new recipes and dishes. So far have no craving to return to eating as I was. Will this be permanent? I don't know, but I am enjoying it.
I have also installed an 80 pound heavy bag and a chin-up bar, and combined with weights, crunches, planks, curls etc...keeping me honest.  
We have had a brilliant summer and now midway into October and it is still 15 degrees, and the door is open in our lunch room. Wow!
More to come....